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Harley-Davidson’s First Electric Motorcycle Is Project LiveWire& You Can Ride It



Legendary motorcycle builder Harley-Davidson teased an electric motorcycle with a video yesterday and now here it is. Project LiveWire is a part of Harley’s attempt to expand its relevance beyond current riders and show off its new tech, with a not-in-production bike that it says is much more than just a trade-show prototype.


Project LiveWire packs its electric motor into a polished case underneath the bike, and clearly the manufacturer is concerned about how customers may feel about losing signature touches like the V-twin engines and chrome pipes.


The press release and video trailer promise “an unmistakeable new sound” like a jet on an aircraft carrier and tire shredding acceleration but don’t have any specs to offer (according to Wired, it has 74hp, 92mph top speed, 53 miles of range and charges in 3.5 hours). Built on a one-piece frame with dual-sided rear swing arm suspension, it has LED lighting all over and even a colorful touchscreen display for its rider.


Of course, the best way to figure out if its customers want an electric motorcycle is to put them on one, and the company is doing just that with a demo tour this year.


Source:  engadget.com




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