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Happy Veterans Day!! Saluting Those Who Served Our Country

On this national day of recognition, I am proud to not only be a veteran but I am thankful for those who have served right along with me in the various branches.  So often we as humans take for granted the freedoms we have and place in the back of our minds those human sacrifices made on our behalf.

Freedom is not FREE when there are people literally dying for it!! 

Check out a few celebrities we know and love who sacrificed their time and lives towards our freedom:

Ice T served in the United States Army 25th Infantry Division.

Ice T

Montel Williams was a “double brancher” serving in the the United States Marine Corps and in the United States Navy.

montel williams

Berry Gordy prior to him becoming the Motown Mogul was drafted into the United States Army.

Berry Gordy

Morgan Freeman aka Easy Reader aka Alex Cross served in the United States Air Force.

Morgan Freeman

MC Hammer yep that right, Mr “U Can’t Touch This” served in the United States Navy.

MC Hammer

Last but not least, the late great Nate Dogg served in the United States Marines.

Nate Dogg

There are so many more celebrities that have served in our nation’s military and we are grateful for their service as well as all of the men and women that are giving so much of themselves to hold the fort down for our freedoms.

EarHustle411 sends our sincere gratitude and heartfelt thanks to all of those who have served on the behalf of the citizens of the United States of America.


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