Happy Birthday To The Late Dwight Errington Myers aka “Heavy D”

Born in Mandeville, Jamaica Dwight Errington Myers aka “The Overweight Lover Heavy D” entered into the world on this day on May 24, 1967.  This huggable man rocked the music industry and later on in his career he woo’d fans with his awesome prowess in television and movies.  Being the leader  of the hip hop group Heavy D and The Boys, brought a different kind of vibe to the genre as who would’ve thought that having a gimmick like they had would be successful.  It worked for Notorious B.I.G. didn’t it; however Heavy D did it first.  He brought being light-skinned back and being overweight was sexy.  Heavy D’s life was not without tough times, the loss of his group mate “Trouble” T. Roy dies from the result of an unfortunate accident.

Heavy D prior to his untimely death dazzled the world with his love for his craft and we still rock to his hip hop classics.

EarHustle411 wishes the late great Overweight Lover Heavy D a very Happy Birthday!! Keep dancing and rapping on the grandest stage of them all!!

heavy d


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