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Happy 86th Birthday To Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr


January 15th marks the 86th birthday of a man whose name is synonymous for words like peace, humility, resilient, and non violent.  Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  played a major role in ending the struggle of inequality for African-Americans.  Although he took a non-violent approach to a very volatile situation, in taking the road less traveled, Dr. King made it clear that when the enemy strikes you, we must turn the other cheek.  Many people would not have been as subdued as Dr. King was and it’s quite clear that it takes a special kind of person to endure such racism and hate and then turn around and pray for them.

The struggle for equality still continues for all people from all walks of life and if Dr. King were alive to see the “progress” we have made, he’d crack that coy smile and maybe say something like “we must keep charging ahead, to get where we want to be it will require some more work, more passion, more love, more peace and more unity”.  The hills of justice and equality will always be difficult to climb but not if you wear the right shoes.

If Dr. King were alive today one could only imagine what his response would be to the turmoil, despair and crime that is plaguing our communities at the hands of each other.  Regardless of what occurred during the Civil Rights Movement, Dr. King was always the example of a peaceful protestor.  He epitomized the true essence of what it meant to stand up for your rights but do so in a way where those who seek to oppress you will be unable to.  One really has to wonder what this world would be like if Dr. King had not been born to go through his predestined journey.  We are surely thankful we don’t have to find out!!

Martin luther king, jr

EarHustle411 wishes the Late Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr a very happy birthday!!

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