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Happy 10th Birthday YouTube!!

Happy Birthday Youtube

Happy birthday, YouTube!

What ballooned to become a billion dollar video sharing juggernaut and one of the most-visited websites was founded on February 14, 2005.

Three of PayPal’s earliest employees, Chad Hurley, Steve Chen and Jawed Karim were the masterminds behind the site and spent months building it before the first public preview in May 2005. The site made its official debut later that year.

In celebration of YouTube’s 10th birthday, here are ten moments we never dreamed would have been possible until YouTube came along and changed the landscape of how people watch, create and share online videos:

Anyone Can Be a Star

Look no further than Bethany Mota, whose beauty videos are so popular on YouTube that it landed her a spot on ABC’s “Dancing With the Stars.”

Whether it’s singing, dancing, a cooking show or pulling stunts like bathing in cereal (we’re talking about you, GloZell Green) anyone with a niche can find and grow a following.

They’d Host An Interview With the President

Mota, Green and Hank Green got the opportunity to grill President Obama last month on issues important to them and their audiences. The interview was streamed live on YouTube.

Huge Repository of Video

People are hungrier than ever for online video. YouTube said more than 300 hours of content is uploaded to its site every minute.

Embarrassing Moments Live Forever

Everyone has a camera now making it easier than ever to capture moments on the fly — no matter how embarrassing.

Make Money From Your Home Videos

The people behind YouTube’s most viral videos can take home a huge pay-day thanks. Who can ever forget the adorable “Charlie bit my finger” kids?

Movie Moments

It’s insanely easy to dig up favorite moments from many old TV shows and movies.

It’s the New Office Water Cooler

Instead of congregating around the coffee maker and water machine, we now huddle up at a colleague’s computer to check out the latest cute cat video.

Learn How to Do Anything

You can learn to do almost anything — whether it’s hair, make-up or even the proper way to open a bottle of beer.

We Watch Videos on Our Smartphones

Let this marinate with your 2005 self: Half of all views on YouTube now come from mobile devices.

Billion Dollar Business

When Google bought YouTube for $1.65 billion in 2006, many people were wondering if the search giant had wildly overpaid for the site. Today, the website is said to be valued as high as $40 billion. Good call, Google.

Source: ABC

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