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Happy 10th Anniversary Facebook

The social media mogul Mark Zukerberg is probably dancing all the way to the bank.  Today marks the 10th Anniversary of the social network.  Originally founded on February 4, 2004 in the college dorm room of Zuckerberg and Harvard University roommates Eduardo Saverin, Andrew McCollum, Dustin Moskovitz and Chris Hughes.  Just like any start up business The Facebook as is was called back then was not without problems as time moved on those problems became profit.


The social network has been through several changes since its creation and it has met some challenges like issues with privacy but one thing is hold true even though Facebook has been through storm after storm it is not going anywhere.  They have well over 4,000 employees and trades quite well on the NASDAQ.  It is #36 on Forbes Most Valuable Brand List as of 2013 and with 1.15 Billion users from personal to business that number is sure to rise even higher.


Facebook’s rival Myspace is still in existence but does not have nearly the following.  MySpace from what I have seen of it is just barely holding on.  I checked my page about a year ago and was surprised it was still getting activity.  It’s no doubt that Facebook is going to be around for quite sometime and God willing Earhustle411 will be right here to celebrate with them.




Congratulations to the Facebook family on a successful 10 years.  The Earhustle411 family wishes you all many more to come!!

Peace and Blessings






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