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A Haitian Man Allegedly Is Lynched By Dominicans Because He Is Black

EarHustle411 came cross a gruesome yet disturbing video on Facebook, where a young man is hanging from a tree.

According to the caption which states that this Haitian was lynched by the Dominicans simply because he was black.  The timing of the video is not known however it is not relevant to the fact that this is a heinous crime.

The video has an eerie feel to lynchings that occurred during the Jim Crow era. People standing around hawking at the lifeless body and taking pictures and such.  There’s a woman who’s crying out and we believe this to possibly be a relative of the young man.

There is so much hate going on all around the world and for what, because of skin color, prestige or economic status.  At the end of the day we are all one big human race.  It’s all so insane


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