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Guilty Plea Expected From CPS CEO Barbara Byrd-Bennett After Being Investigated By The Feds For A $20 Million No-Bid Contract

The City of Chicago is being dealt another devastating blow a another high profile figure was under investigation and the results may lead to a guilty plea and some serious jail time. Barbara Byrd-Bennett after four months was indicted  after an investigation into a “no-bid” contract to the tune of $20 million.  It’s extremely disturbing that people in positions of authority think that it’s ok to make decisions and do things that affect several people.

The Chicago Public Schools system is once again paying the price for the actions of those who don’t give a d*mn about anyone but themselves.  Barbara Byrd-Bennett made the personal choice to consort with a company she previously worked with or for and look at the result.  She is more than likely going to go to jail for an insane amount of time, while we believe a deal such as the one she made could not be done without someone else knowing about it.  Well…we will leave it that!!

Read more as reported by WGN:

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CHICAGO — The former CEO of Chicago Public Schools will plead guilty corruption charges following a federal investigation into a $20 million no-bid contract.

Barbara Byrd-Bennett was indicted Thursday, nearly four months after she resigned amid an investigation into the contract between the district and SUPES Academy, a training academy where she once worked as a consultant

An attorney for Byrd-Bennett confirms that his client will plead guilty to charges.

Chicago-based lawyer Michael Scudder released a statement Thursday saying Byrd-Bennett accepts “full responsibility for her conduct.” The statement says she plans to plead guilty to charges in the indictment.

Scudder also says Byrd-Bennett will continue to cooperate with the government, including testifying if called upon to do so.
Byrd-Bennett stepped down as the city’s top school official earlier this year.
Chicago Teachers Union President Karen Lewis says the indictment on corruption charges involving Chicago Public Schools’ former CEO marks a “sad day” for the district’s leadership.

In a statement released Thursday, Lewis says the union wishes Byrd-Bennett “well in her legal battles.” Lewis says the union is now focused on securing a new contract.

The union and school district are locked in a tense contract negotiation. During the last round of negotiations, teachers in Chicago went on strike for the first time in 25 years.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel chose Byrd-Bennett, a longtime educator, to lead the district in 2012.

CPS is the nation’s third largest school district with about 400,000 students.

Source: WGN

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