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GOP Leader Randy Pullen Asks That Guns Be Taken From Blacks Because They Are The Main Killers

GOP Leader Randy Pullen Asks That Guns Be Taken From Blacks Because They Are The Main Killers

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Mike Huckabee can breath a sigh of relief since he no longer has the most racist comment during the Democratic presidential debate. Meet former chairman of the Arizona Republican Partby, Randy Pullen.

During his attempt to “live tweet” the debate, Pullen gave one hell of a racist “hot take” on the Black Lives Matter movement. After the candidates were asked if “Black lives matter or do all lives matter,” Pullen tweeted:

“Yes black lives matter. The best way to end the slaughter of young black men is to take guns away from blacks as they are the main killers.”

He apparently stands by the remarks, as it’s — surprisingly — still not deleted from his Twitter page.

randy pullen

When people let him know that his comments were very racist, Pullen played dumb, insisting that he was just channeling what a Democrat would say. (The fact that not one Democratic presidential candidate suggested disarming black Americans appears to be lost on a guy like Pullen.)

The most obvious flaw in Pullen’s argument is the fact that, by his own logic, white people should be disarmed as well. After all, they are the “main killers” of other white people. Instead, Pullen fell into the tired trap pushed by many conservatives that African Americans are just inherently more violent than white Americans. It’s an ugly belief system that leads to young boys like Tamir Rice being instantly gunned down by trigger happy police for holding a toy gun, while white “patriots” can parade around with very real, very loaded assault rifles and be labeled “heroes.”

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