Google Paid Prince “His Royal Badness” The Ultimate Tribute With A Purple Rain Google Doodle

Yesterday the world was stunned and shocked to the point of no return upon hearing of the death of “His Royal Badness” Prince Rogers Nelson.   Every news outlet known to man reported and paid some form of tribute to the man who made us love the Little Red Corvette, appreciate the Lady Cab Driver, find peace while wearing a Raspberry Beret (you know the kind you find in a 2nd hand store) but also wanted to see us laughing in the Purple Rain.


Photo Credit: LA Times

Google honored Prince in royal purple fashion by changing their logo to pay homage to him and turning the iconic Google Doodle purple and made it rain to commemorate the iconic film, phenomenal album and classic song Purple Rain.


Google consistently changes the company logo with “Google Doodles” and the many different doodles date back to the late 90s.  Some other doodles include Martin Luther King, Freda Kahlo, William Shakespeare not to mention many musicians like Adolphe Sax, and the “Mighty Gloved One” Michael Jackson.  Prince joins the several legends whom Google has paid the ultimate tribute to.

Check out more Google Doodles here.

EarHustle411 and the writing staff while we are crying “purple tears” appreciates Google for their tribute to the most talented and musical genius to EVER grace the Creator’s universe!!

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