GOING BROKE ALERT!! Terrence Howard Reveals He’s Unable To Pay Spousal Support

WOW!!! How is it that an A-List actor is like Terrence Howard only make $6000 per month? That is insane and with all the great movies that he has been in.  Personally I think there should be a universal and reasonable amount people should pay for any type of support (if it applies) but such is LIFE!!

Read about Terrence Howard’s woes as reported by WBLS.com

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Terrence Howard’s bank has been hijacked by his exes.

The 45-year-old actor claims he can’t possibly pay the $325,000 spousal support to ex-wife Michelle Ghent as stated in their divorce settlement because he’s only bringing in about $6,000 a month, reports TMZ.

Howard has appeared in countless films such as “The Butler” and “Iron Man,” but insists he’s not seeing any of that Hollywood money. The actor claims his income goes directly to his first wife of 14 years, Lori McMasters, to cover spousal and child support for their daughter Heaven and son Hunter. Their oldest daughter Aubrey is over 18 and has a child of her own.

After McMasters’ expenses are covered she reportedly cuts Howard a check, leaving him with $5,878 a month.

Now, the Oscar-nominated actor has requested a judge throw out the settlement with Ghent, as they were only married for a year. Additionally, the actor is claiming he was extorted and blackmailed into signing that agreement, although he knows he can’t afford to pay it.

While the disbursement of his funds is being worked out, Howard must also stay away from Ghent for the next three years following physical abuse claims. In September he promised to stay 300 yards away from her and agreed to pay $14,800 of her lawyer’s fees by July, but signed the court agreement “without admitting any liability.”

The court order followed an incident in which Ghent filed for protective order after Howard allegedly “sucker punched” and “kicked” her.

Source: WBLS.com



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