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Girl Preps For Plastic Surgery With Ear Grown On Arm

Girl Preps For Plastic Surgery With Ear Grown On Arm


ROYAL OAK, MI (WDIV/CNN) – A Michigan girl, who was mauled by a pet raccoon as a baby, has a new ear growing on her arm.

Charlotte Ponce is now 12 years old, but when she was a baby, a pet raccoon attacked her, destroying much of her face and taking her ear.

So far, Charlotte has had her nose, cheeks and lips rebuilt.

A plastic surgeon shaped her new ear with cartilage from her ribs, and then implanted it on her arm to help the skin grow.

“And you see I’m very pleased with the projection, you can see the ear here. Once we release it, you’ll see a lot of projection when I release the scar, the whole tissue is going to be moved up to her head,” Dr. Kongkrit Chaiyasate said.

This week, the doctor will take the ear out of Charlotte’s arm, and put it in the right spot.

The procedure is expected to take six to eight hours.


Source:  MSN Newsnow.com




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