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Get Twisted Fashion: What’s In Your Closet?


It’s that time of the year when you should Detox your closet.

Having a closet full of high price designer duds, want make you fashionable. It definitely doesn’t mean your stylish…….It just means you have a closet full of over priced garments.

There are items you must have, I call them the base of any wardrobe. There’s no way to be fashionable without them.

Buying name brand does’t always translate into style. So make sure you always have the wardrobe essentials. I’m sure you are familiar with what staple items are, but for those of you who are not fashionista, allow me to elaborate……Just so we are all on the same page.

Staples are……The essential articles of clothing & accessories that are necessary to create a great wardrobe. Classic police that never go out of style.

 black dress

. Little black dress

. Black trousers

.Dark blue & black jeans

. pencil skirt knee-length (black)

. crisp white bottom up

.Black blaze

. Leather black bag

. 2 Cardigan sweater (neutral in color)

. Black pumps

.Beige trench coat

. a pair of pearls

. chandelier earrings

I would like to add a few new items as staples…..I think these have become necessary to achieve maximum style.


.Leopard Print & Blue pumps (for a pop of colour)

. Black Bootie.

. Statement necklace & bracelets

. Fitted Leather jacket( black)

. Cotton & Silk scarf ( neutral)

black and white

 Now if you must spend money do so on your staple items only. They are the items most necessary to one’s wardrobe. Know that your look is always created with one or more of these items. So quality is important when it comes to purchasing them.They hold the most important position in any wardrobe. So for that reason they must be of exceptional quality.

Because you will need to rely on them many times over. Once you own them you can create Different everyday….timeless, going from the office to the club……easy.

Staple items are the essential body of every fashionista’s wardrobe, without them, you just have fabric on a hanger.

As you go along continue to add on to your wardrobe, and create your personal style. You can buy less-expensive police to complete your wardrobe. Don’t be afraid to bring  color into the mix. Make use of accessories this is a much easier way to jazz-up any plain outfit and save on cost.

blue fit

Remember your hair and make-up is just as important in the fashion equation, because just like a pair of earrings, it’s an accessory…By adding pops of color to your hair, and edgy hair styles this introduces another element into the fashion game. Thus establishing your own style. Now your done from head-to toe…..easy. Remember these are the quintessential element’s to a stylish and fashionable wardrobe….So what’s in your closet?

Get Ear Hustle Approved, step your fashion game up.

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