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Get Your Juke On!! Exclusive Interview w/DJ Slugo

Chicago has always been the mecca for awesome talents, from designers to actors to most notably musicians.  Back in the early 80s a music genre that was a spin-off of disco was sweeping through Chicago on a wave that would eventually be coined “House”. This genre over the years has been ultimately responsible for many version of “house” but none for familiar than “Ghetto House” more commonly known today as “Juke”.

Earhustle411 has been given the luxury of an exclusive interview with none other than the “King of Ghetto House” DJ Slugo. In 2012 he was responsible for the popular documentary From Jack to Juke” 25 years of Ghetto House which he scored the soundtrack. Finally that soundtrack will be released to the public on Tuesday February 4, 2014, we sat down with DJ Slugo to get the 411:


SunShyne: Hello DJ Slugo!! Thank you for taking the time to sit with Earhustle411.

DJ Slugo:  You are welcome, thank you for the opportunity.

SunShyne: Well let’s get right to it. How long have you been in the music business and who were some of your influences?

DJ Slugo: I’ve been in the music business for over 20+ years and my cousin Eugene “DJ Geno” Vantrease was my biggest influence.  He is responsible for my taking the direction of becoming a DJ.

SunShyne: I am sure he is quite proud of you.  How exactly did Ghetto House get started, would you say that you are responsible for its popularity?

DJ Slugo: It was started with myself and a few other cats from out south and out west… I don’t know about the responsibility of its popularity but I can that I’m definitely the guy that keeps it alive and kicking.


SunShyne: Yes indeed, I do agree with that.  In 2012 you were a part of the documentary From Jack to Juke, what was your primary purpose of putting this film out?

DJ Slugo: Great question! I was on my mind to do a documentary on the genre so that the history of the music could be told and that people would know where it originated from.

SunShyne: I saw the documentary and I am glad it was done, it does squash a few rumors.  What are your thoughts on the sexual influence Juke has been said to have on the younger generation?

DJ Slugo: Funny you ask that because this was brought up in the documentary. Kids gonna be kids and adults gonna be adults. There ain’t a record made that would make you go do anything sexual or crazy that sh*t was your decision as a human being!!! I said in the film that parents have to be responsible and the genre Juke is not the same as the dance moves of Juke.

SunShyne: Well said, I agree 100%.  You have been dubbed the King of Ghetto House, How does that make you feel?

DJ Slugo:  Like A King…LOL!! I Earned it though… I work my a** off!!! For many years of doing music and sometimes it seemed like it was fruitless but I kept the faith and it was nobody but God that made it happen.  So that said I am very humbled.


Sunshyne: I hear you, sometimes we can’t see the end but God can.  On February 4, 2014 will be the release of the soundtrack From Jack to Juke: 25 Years of Ghetto House, why 2 years after the documentary?

DJ Slugo: In all honesty, I really was never gonna release some of the songs but I was like why not people were asking for some of the records so I was like f**k it.


SunShyne: LOL!! Being a fan I can’t wait for the release.  In your opinion what is the state of House Music in all its many forms, will it be around for another 25 years?

DJ Slugo: This question comes up so much and I can’t help but tell the truth. It’s in a bad state right now but on the rise again… and yes it ain’t going no where no time soon

SunShyne: That is really good to know because I am the ultimate “Househead”.  What is different about the music industry today versus 25 years ago?

DJ Slugo: The industry is always changing so I would have to say  the style, people and most of all the INTERNET!!! The internet has changed the music game severely, technology makes it much easier to have access to all types of music from the computer to now the cellphone.


SunShyne: I definitely agree, I listen to music on the go all the time.  How important is the role of the DJ to the future of music?

DJ Slugo: I get asked that question often and the answer is quite simple; the DJ is The Music Period (Try doing A REAL party without a DJ and get back to me on that one… LOL!!  The DJs are the new rock stars!!!

SunShyne: LOL!!…well Awwwww right now!!! Last question, how can the public reach you and obtain a copy of the soundtrack.

DJ Slugo: I am all over the place…LOL!! The public can purchase the soundtrack by going to www.djslugomusic.com and they follow me at:



SunShyne: Thank you again for spending a little time with us.  We wish you all the best with the release of the soundtrack and your future endeavors.

DJ Slugo: No problem, thank you.

Who cares what is going on in other cities Chicago is an awesome place to be.  This place is where talent resides and I mean true living and breathing talented people who are “Movers and Shakers”  DJ Slugo is most certainly one of those Movers and Shakers.  Stay tuned for more from DJ Slugo in the future.

Peace and Blessings


Photos Courtesy of DJ Slugo



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