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Georgia Pastor Kicks Out 103-Year Old Member Because She Disagreed With His Preaching Style

Now see this right here…EarHustle411 is at a loss for words with this story.  Anytime there is a division in the church, it becomes a serious problem.  We have done several posts about issues going on in spiritual institutions and this is by far one that we are completely appalled by.  As much strife that is going on he day-to-day life, no one needs to have it in the place where they attend worship.  EarHustle411 will be keeping our ears to the streets with this one report updates as they come along.

Read more as reported by the Rickey Smiley Show:

genora biggs

The love of church & God runs through the blood of 103–year–old Mrs. Genora Biggs. For 92 years, she has attended Union Grove Baptist Church in Georgia…until she was recently kicked out by her pastor!

Rev. Timothy Mattox started preaching at Union Grove 6 years ago, bringing with him a new style of preaching that the foundations of the community, like Mrs. Biggs, disagreed with.

So nearly a century after Mrs. Biggs attended her 1st service, she was told “not to come back to the church, not even on the grounds.” Rev. Mattox put out a motion to remove her from the church on the first Sunday of August after Biggs attended a church meeting and said she was concerned that Mattox was not answering or returning her phone calls. That was far from his Sunday best.

As it turns out, Mrs. Biggs was a teacher back in the day and Rev. Mattox was one of her students.

But as roles reversed, Mrs. Biggs said that she didn’t like Rev. Mattox’s sermons because they were “different than the real Baptist” traditions.

Rev. Mattox even tried to get the police involved when Mrs. Biggs refused to leave her sacred ground! The police were obviously southern gentlemen who knew better than to get between a church mother and her long–time institution of prayer. They refused to get involved.

That’s when Mrs. Biggs took the high road and Rev. Mattox proved he needed to go back to Sunday school. He canceled the service and didn’t start it again until Biggs left!

Source: Rickey Smiley Show

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