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Georgia Man Tells Jury He Is To Attractive To Be Guilty Of Rape

Darrious Mathis

A re-trial began on Wednesday for a Georgia man who said that he couldn’t possibly be guilty of raping a woman because he’s too attractive.

In a courtroom in Cobb County, the victim told a second jury about how Darrious Mathis abducted her from a CVS pharmacy at gunpoint and forced her to drive to a place, where he raped her in 2011.

“He had told me to get in the car and I actually begged him to take my car. I had pushed my wallet that was in my hand and my keys toward him and I was like ‘Please take my car. You can take my cards and everything,” she recalled.

The then-24-year-old woman said that she tried to keep calm “instead of panicking and trying to get hurt.”

The defense, however, has claimed that the victim had been attracted to Mathis’ good looks, and that’s why she left with him from a CVS in the middle of the night to have a sexual affair.

A judge declared a mistrial last September after one member of the first jury refused to join 11 other jurors who believed that Mathis was guilty.

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Source: RawStory.Com

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