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Georgia: 2 Brothers Charged With Attempted Murder Of Their Parents

Georgia: 2 Brothers Charged With Attempted Murder Of Their Parents

As parents, most try to do the best for their children; however sometimes your best just isn’t enough for some kids.  You can give them your last and it just isn’t enough.

A couple were brutally attacked in their Georgia home by their own sons and were beaten and stabbed repeatedly.  Authorities have yet to find out why the brothers acted so violently and viciously towards their parents.

See what the Patch reported regarding the incident.

Two brothers are in the Gwinnett County Jail after police say they allegedly tried to kill their parents Saturday morning.

Cameron Anthony Ervin, 17, and his brother Christopher Michael Ervin, 22, are both charged with two counts of aggravated assault and two counts of first degree arson in connection with the incident shortly before before 8 a.m. at 3061 Forbes Trail in unincorporated Snellville.

More charges are possible.

Both are being held withoud bond, according to jail records.

Gwinnett Police Public Information Officer Sgt. Rich Long said officers responded to the residence after a 911 call at 7:49 a.m. from the mother.

“A female caller was calling for help, stating her children were trying to kill her and her husband,” Long said in an email. “She told the 911 operator that it was their two sons, one 17 and the other 22 years old, trying to kill them both. She stated that her husband was distracting them so she was able to call for help. The call eventually went silent.”

Long said when officers arrived, they found one of the sons and the father. The father was “severely injured and bleeding heavily.” The son was taken into custody.

The mother and other son were found inside the residence.

“She was seriously injured. The other son located inside the residence and was detained,” Long said.

Officer also smelled a strong odor of natural gas inside the home. Long told the AJC that the presence of the natural gas may have been part of the brothers’ plan, though it was unclear exactly how.

Both parents were taken to a local hospital. Their conditions were not immediately known.

Long said the sons were cooperating with police.

No details were released on how the parents were injured.


Source:  Patch

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