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“George Zimmerman Says He’s Homeless, Jobless and Suffers From Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder”


George Zimmerman, the 30-year-old Floridian acquitted last year of murdering  Trayvon Martin, says he’s homeless, jobless and struggling with post-traumatic  stress disorder.
Zimmerman made these comments in an interview with Spanish-language  television network Univision  that’s scheduled to air at 7 p.m. Sunday, a week and a half before the second  anniversary of the shooting. An English-language translation of the interview  was released Saturday.

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Zimmerman was the neighborhood watch volunteer who encountered the unarmed  17-year-old at a gated community in Sanford, Fla. Zimmerman said he suspected  that Martin might have been the burglar responsible for a string of break-ins.  Amid a confrontation, Zimmerman shot the teenager, later saying he did so in  self-defense.

“In my mind and between God and me, I know that if I didn’t act, act the way  I did, I wouldn’t be here,” he says in the Univision interview.

I mean, he wasn’t playing around,” Zimmerman says at another  point.
Other notable moments in Zimmerman’s interview, seven months after  the trial:

  • He says he never realized that Martin was unarmed, but that Martin was  clearly trying to grab the gun from him.
  • He initially thought that his bullet had missed Martin and potentially  struck a neighbor’s house.
  • He expresses no regrets about the shooting.
  • He has a debt of $2.5 million owed to his lawyers, Mark O’Mara and Don West.  He has raised more than $300,000 from online donors and said he hopes to collect  additional funds through a lawsuit he’s filed against NBC News over an edited  911 call, which he alleges made him look racist because a question and answer  were mixed.
  • He says he hasn’t collected welfare and will work as a cook if he has to.  He’s living off his family for now.
  • He blames sensationalized media coverage for making him notorious, saying  people recognize him everywhere because “of what the press did with the incident  in 2012, in February.”

Source ://www.latimes.com

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