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George Lopez Tells Female Offended At His Jokes To Shut The F*&k Up Or Get The F*&k Out

If you’ve ever had a chance to see comedian George Lopez perform live, one would know he can be funny but harsh.  His routine is not too much different than any other comedian whose stage performance is 100% different live than what we may see on television.  Well George Lopez took command of his stage on Saturday February 4, 2017 and unfortunately a female member of the audience was not pleased with his line of jokes.  The woman was apparently offended by Lopez’s offensive joke about blacks when she could be heard protesting and if anyone who really knows how Lopez responds to disruption in his shows it’s never pretty and could prove to be abrupt.  He proceeded to give the woman a piece of  his mind basically telling her to shut the f**k up or get the f**k out.

Clearly when you pay money to see a comedy show, it pays to keep in mind is it’s just jokes.  No need to take offense to anything just laugh and keep it moving.  The woman was eventually removed from the show for her behavior as she and Lopez continued to go back and forth.  EarHustle411 does not advocate or condone anyone being called out of their name just as we don’t condone the patron disrupting the show either.

Take a look at the interaction caught on video posted by TMZ:

Life is complicated enough to take jokes so seriously.  Lopez is not the first to tell jokes about race and he will not be the last and one thing for sure the other comedians on the bill have definitely had racial jokes in their routines. Moral of the story is to learn to laugh at yourself and keep it moving!!

Source: TMZ (Video)

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