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Gang Members Beat, Stomp, Kick & Punch Young Boy For Snitching [Video]

Gang Members Beat, Stomp, Kick & Punch Young Boy For Snitching [Video]

Ear Hustle 411 came across a disturbing video that we simply cannot put in words.  Our young people have completely went ape sh@t with no regards for human lives.  What once was deemed foul, disrespectful or despairing, has now become entertainment.

A group of young men are brutally beating another young man in which appears to be some type of gang retaliation for the young man snitching.  The beating is so severe we can’t tell if this kids spine is broken but we do know based on the video that he is in really bad shape.

At what point do we videotape a child being stomped, kicked and beaten and just pull out a phone to tape the vicious act without calling the police?  When did kicking a person in their head and stomping on their back while others punch a victim in the face become the norm?

Our children are becoming desensitized to violence that it appears as though they are unaffected by it.

It appears there is some type of adrenaline high people get from watching the total destruction of another human being.  The #BlackLivesMatter Movement was impressive and meaningful for those that understand the true meaning of it.  Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, Black Panther Party, Civil Rights Leaders, White Activists who cared and most importantly our ancestors are all rolling in their graves right now.

What is it that have these young people so angry, destructive, disrespectful and violent?


We ask that you take caution when watching the video as it is very disturbing.



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