Gainesville Police Lose Basketball Battle With Local Kids & Brings Shaquille O’neal For Backup

shaq 1 cop-1

Last week, someone in Gainesville Florida called police on local kids for playing basketball too loudly in the streets but much to their surprise, when the cops showed up, they joined in the fun and just asked the kids to keep the noise down a bit and to make sure that cars can safely pass by without hurting anyone.

Officer Bobby White decided to challenge the kids in a basketball game and unfortunately the beat the pants off of him.  He swore the next time he came back he would bring back up.

What the kids weren’t expecting was to have to play against former NBA Center and 7’1 basketball legend Shaquille O’neal who didn’t have any mercy on the kids.

Shaq heard about the story and traveled to Gainesville to meet Officer White to surprise him as well as the kids.  They went back to the neighborhood and much to his delight the kids were extremely excited to see him.

Check out the video below.


Video & Photo Source: News4jax

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