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G-Unit Kidd Kidd’s Label And Attorney Issue Statement About His Arrest

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Kidd Kidd’s attorney, Scott Leemon, sent in the following statement to XXL dispelling the allegations that his client allegedly assaulted and strangled a woman in a domestic dispute.

“The New York allegations are totally baseless. They were made 4 months later by a woman who has a history of making false allegations against Mr. Stewart. We are confident once the District Attorney’s office investigate the matter, Kidd Kidd will be vindicated.” G-Unit adds: “50 Cent and G-Unit fully support Kidd Kidd in this matter.”

Last night (June 30) in Times Square in New York City before the 2015 XXL Freshman concert, the G-Unit rapper was handcuffed outside the Best Buy Theater in front of hundreds of fans. Kidd, real name Curtis Stewart, was one of the ten rappers featured as part of the 2015 XXL Freshman Class and was scheduled to perform. Previous reports stated that the NYPD was on the hunt for Kidd since February. The woman’s name that claimed Kidd Kidd assaulted her is Maurita Robinson. Robinson posted pictures of herself with injuries suggesting that the rapper was beating her on Instagram. Kidd Kidd took to Instagram to vehemently deny Robinson’s allegations that he had assaulted her in the past, stating that those injuries came way before he had walked into the picture and that he had nothing to do with them.

As of right now Kidd is currently still behind bars with his next court appearance scheduled to be on July 6. 50 has stated on Instagram that he will bail Kidd Kidd out as soon as he can. XXL will continue to update this story as more details come in.

Check out Kidd Kidd’s XXL Freshman freestyle and cypher below.

Source: XXL

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