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Future Phones Might Not Need Cables. Ever.

That’s right. In fact, future phones might not have any holes in them. Well, aside from the speaker and mic to talk, charging ports and the headphone jack might be a thing of the past come 2017.

Photo Credit: REUTERS/Mario Anzuoni

Photo Credit: REUTERS/Mario Anzuoni

You might have heard of the infamous wireless charging technology that’s been rumored for a while now and Apple has claimed that they are currently working on this advanced technology that could see the mainstream come sometime next year. Apple has already registered a few patents for this according to a website called, Patently Apple.

No more tangling with wires, no more hastling with mats, this charging technology could relatively work over long distances. Currently, the capability to charge wirelessly is very inneficient thus the ability to charge efficiently is not at it’s potential just yet.

According to sources, magnetic resonance is capable of charging devices from up to a meter away with special phone cases also being able to charge the phone using radio wave signal technology.

Wireless headphones have been becoming a big hit lately and Apple might ditch cable headphones for strictly wireless headphones from now on. With this in mind, thinner phones could be next, in addition to even taking on waterproof qualities.

Imagine being able to snap video at poolside underwater with your charger only a mere few feet away. The future looks good my friend.

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1 Comment

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