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FSU’s QB De’Andre Johnson Situation Was It Self-Defense Or Not? Fair Punishment Or Harsh?? [Video]

de'andre johnson

Ok so…here we go again another video showing a black man apparently making the worst mistake of a lifetime.  EarHustle411 does not advocate violence in any form whether verbal, mental or physical by anyone whether male or female, black, white, brown or blurple…it’s all the same to us.  We looked at the video and while De’Andre Johnson is being punished for his actions but clearly the woman was fist raised first and threw a punch at him first.  Call it what you want but self-defense is what we see.

Would this incident be a big deal if the person involved was not a known athlete or had she been a black woman would we even be having this conversation? Probably not simply because it happens all the time and to report all of them, news outlets and blogs would never get a break.  In addition, while each one of those situations that occur, we would still say the same thing.

Of course we don’t know what the conversation entailed, however reports are saying the young lady felt that Johnson was aggressively pushing passed her.  Ok now let’s look at that…how many times have people been out at a bar or nightclub and it’s shoulder to shoulder movement?  Several right…so why get upset you know it’s crowded, but from we see it looks like the young lady started the confrontation by turning around at him in a threatening manner.  So was it wrong of De’Andre to do what he needed to do to keep her from hitting him?   The woman then throws a punch and misses so this is where the controversy comes in…she gets popped in the nose.   Was it deserving?…or maybe and maybe not.  The concept is very simple, KEEP YOUR HANDS TO YOURSELF!!!  You never know how someone will respond when their personal space is threatened.

The issue could have been resolved with an apology or better yet some understanding giving the environment both parties were in.  Unfortunately conflict resolution is a lost art today but we believe there was some fault on both sides however only one person is on the hook for it.

Some form of punishment is definitely warranted however to be dismissed from the team was a bit harsh, however it is what it is.  Everything is not always what it seems nor is it just black and white.  A full view sometimes won’t happen until some color is sprinkled on it to give it depth.

Take a look at the video and form your own opinion:

Source: YouTube

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