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Frat Boy Bites The Head Off A Hampster In A Drunken Rage At Spring Break Party, PETA Is Pissed!!!

Frat Boy Bites The Head Off A Hampster In A Drunken Rage At Spring Break Party

A college student has been filmed biting the head off a live hamster.

The video, seen by DailyMail.com, shows the apparently drunk man pull the animal from a backpack as he is jeered on by a crowd of scantily-clad teenagers at a suspected spring break party.

Grinning, he takes a bite, spits part of the animal on the ground, and hurls the rest over a fence.

The crowd erupts with shrieking laughter as the man in a pink wolf t-shirt beams wildly at the phone cameras and girls around him.

Animal rights group PETA has launched a manhunt to track down the man, who is reported to be a fraternity member at Florida State University.


Stephanie Bell, PETA’s Cruelty Casework Director, told DailyMail.com investigators are in touch with university directors to identify the man and press charges.
‘It is horrific. We don’t know who this man is but we are working to track him down and prosecute,’ Bell said.
‘Animal abuse is a community concern. People who abuse animals rarely do so only once and almost never stop there.
‘The link between cruelty to animals and inter-personal violence is undeniable. Many of our nation’s serial killers and most school shooters share a history of animal abuse.

Often, humans and animals are abused at the same time. For example, the guy who kicks the family dog is likely abusing his spouse and children too. Cruelty to animals is always a red flag.’
The video was uploaded to YouTube on Friday night under the name ‘psycho drunk spring breaker bites head off of hamster’.
Within minutes, it was removed from the video-sharing site for violating its codes of conduct.

Frat Boy Bites The Head Off A Hampster In A Drunken Rage At Spring Break Party

The footage starts with the voice of one party-goer balking: ‘Oh my f***ing God! No way!’
Others can be heard jeering: ‘So good! So good!’
After the man throws the hamster, others are seen grinning and laughing behind him.
DailyMail.com has been unable to corroborate claims that the man is a fraternity member at Florida State University. PETA and DailyMail.com have yet to receive a response from the university.


Source: dailymail.co.uk

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