Fox News Fires Stacey Dash After Using Her To Insult Her Own People

Fox News Fires Stacey Dash After Using Her To Insult Her Own People

Stacey Dash, a vehement Trump supporter and Republican apologist—you know, the one former Fox CEO Roger Ailes reportedly called “the black girl”—has been kicked off one of her biggest soap boxes.

 The Hill reports that Fox News has declined to renew Dash’s contributor contract. The only network that our current president seems not to despise also fired commentator George Will and hired Brexit supporter Nigel Farge this week.

President Trump tweeted on New Year’s Day that Fox News gave him a “great review.” He was featured frequently on the partisan cable news channel both before and after the election.

Dash, 50, was signed by Fox in 2014 and was primarily seen on the afternoon news discussion program, Outnumbered, reports The Hill. She is best known for her character Dionne in the 1995 comedy, Clueless (too easy.)

Will is a 75-year-old Pulitzer-winning conservative columnist who was with ABC for 30 years before coming to Fox in 2013. He has frequently spoken out against the president and recently wrote a scathing rebuke of Trump’s inauguration speech in the Washington Post titled, “A Most Dreadful Inaugural Address.”

In June of 2016, Will left the Republican party because of Trump’s rise.

 Fox announced the signing of former U.K. Independence Party and Trump cheerleader Nigel Farage as a contributor on Friday.


Source:  Fox News

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