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FOX 13 Helps Woman Who Was Allegedly Scammed By A Concrete Company

North Memphis (FOX13) – A North Memphis woman paid $500 down on a driveway for her home.

“He said he was going to get the receipt after going to the concrete place. That’s the way he did it,” said Carrie Fleming, standing in the wood framing for her new driveway, “Two or three days later and I couldn’t reach him on his phone. I could reach him before I gave him the money but after he got the money I couldn’t reach him anymore.”

Three weeks and still no cement from Economy Concrete Construction Company in Memphis. Fleming told FOX13 she tried to reach the contractor by phone and by visiting him, with no response.

She called the FOX13 Investigates Tip Line and we went looking for answers.

The business address we found led our crew to a Hawkins Mill Road home. The Economy Concrete Construction truck was parked in the driveway, but a man drove up yelling before FOX13 could knock on the house’s door.


FOX13’s Sarah Bleau asked, “Do you know who owns the truck? Is that you or…”

“I don’t know who that is,” said the man, who declined to tell FOX13 his name.

Sarah asked, “That’s your house over there though?”


Sarah asked, “So you told us to get off your yard but that’s not your house?”

The man replied, “You don’t need to be there. Nobody lives there.”

While FOX13 told the man we were looking for the company and its owner so we could help a woman, he proceeded to curse at our crew and throw a drink on our reporter.

FOX13 dug on the BBB website and learned two unanswered complaints earned Economy Concrete Construction an F rating. A BBB source told FOX13 the company has not been accredited since 2013, adding they did not renew but did not know a specific reason why.

Nancy Crawford, the region’s BBB Director of Marketing and Communications, told FOX13 not renewing could mean a number of things from the company being unable to afford accreditation or not finding benefit from it.

Fleming called FOX13 shortly after we attempted to talk with the business: She said the contractor offered to finish the work next week. She told FOX13 she replied she wanted her money back this week.

Screen Shot 2015-05-09 at 3.57.04 PM

Fleming’s daughter Yolonda Webster told FOX13 they are planning to file against Economy Concrete Construction in small claims court.

“I said mom let’s do legal. Let’s go ahead, I’m going to take off work and we’re going to go to court and then take him to court and get the money then,” said Webster.

Webster added that a relative felt so bad Fleming is out $500 that he is going to complete the job for her for no cost.

Source: FOX 13

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