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Former Washington D.C. Mayor Marion Barry Has Car Accident & Is Forced To Address UNPAID Parking Tickets Situation


Councilman and former Mayor Marion Barry was involved in a car accident last Saturday night that forced him to pay thousands of dollars in unpaid parking tickets.  FOX 5 chief investigative reporter Emily Miller has been looking into Barry’s ticket problems for weeks, and found that this is a tale of two license plates.

Barry has a regular, six-digit plate like everyone else in D.C.  But there’s also a Ward 8 plate, and that’s the one Miller asked him on July 14 outside city hall.

City council members are allowed to park anywhere in the city except loading zones, fire hydrants or rush-hour zones—if they are on official business. But in the July 14 interview, the “Mayor for Life” insisted the $740 in tickets Miller was asking about are not his.

former mayor marion barry

Miller asked Barry’s spokeswoman, LaToya Foster, to confirm which plates Barry was using, but she declined.

After Barry was involved in a crash on Saturday night, Miller looked up the six-digit plate on the car he was driving.  After the crash, Barry was ticketed for driving on the wrong side of the street, not having insurance, and driving with expired tags.

According to the DMV website on Saturday, Barry had $2,824 in unpaid parking tickets.  Seven of them were for not having valid tags.  In D.C., you’re required to pay all parking tickets before re-registering your vehicle each year.

In a statement on Wednesday, Barry said he did have valid tags.

Earlier this week, the DMV reduced his fine by $1,000, and he paid off the tickets and got his Jaguar out of the impound lot.  Miller reports he did not have to pay the late fees that double tickets.

Source: Fox DC


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