Former TV Show “Girlfriends” On The Big Screen…Hmmm Former Cast Member Golden Brooks Says It Could Happen!!

golden brooks

Golden Brooks has previously expressed her interest in a Girlfriends movie, and she already has an idea for her character’s story line.

“Maya would be a Pulitzer Prize winner,” Golden told Sister 2 Sister. “She’d be the female Steve Harvey; her books get made into a movie and all the girls are trying to get tickets to go to the premiere.”

In real life, Golden is working on a book of poetry and awaiting the premiere of her new reality show “Hollywood Divas.”

However, she said she would not turn down the opportunity to portray Maya again, and there have been discussions about bringing the “Girlfriends” reunion to the big screen.

“We talked about a movie with Mara Brock Akil,” she said. “We talked of a movie, but that’s something that’s a Mara question.”

As for Maya’s storyline, Golden said she doesn’t yet have it all figured out. “Mara would put her spin on it,” she said. “I think it could happen.”

Source: Sister 2 Sister

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