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Former CSI Actor Gary Dourdan Is Penniless Files Bankruptcy For The 2nd Time

Gary Dourdan

Former A Different World and CSI star Gary Dourdan is dead broke … having filed for bankruptcy for a 2nd time in the last 3 years … and has only a total of $900 dollars to his name!

Dourdan originally filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy back in 2012 … claiming he had 1.8 million in assets but owed a total of 1.73 to various creditors. The actor failed to file the proper docs in the case and it was dismissed months later with none of his debt being wiped clean

Then in September … the former CSI actor filed once again for Chapter 11 bankruptcy stating he has 988k in assets and 1.46 million owed to creditors

His assets include $20 cash on hand, 1k in his savings, 1k in household items, 1k in clothing, a watch worth 1k and a LLC worth nothing

His debts include 949k on his L.A. home mortgage, over 200k in back taxes, $1,400 to American Express, $626 to Time Warner, $4,368 in fees due to his criminal probation, 2k to a Marina Del Rey hospital, over 2k for a storage unit and $130 for a traffic ticket

He lists himself as an actor/musician and brings in a total of $11,500 a month … but his expenses total $11,302 leaving him only with $198 in spare cash per monthThings got real serious for Dourdan on January 22nd … when docs were filed in the bankruptcy case by bankruptcy lawyers from Law in Kansas City , which show the one time successful actor – who pulled in tens of thousands per episode while on CSI – only has a total of $905 in his bank account

The docs show that for the month of December he pulled in a total of $4,500 but after he paid all his expenses he was left only with $900 bucks to his name

Dourdan’s expenses include $135 for a Yoga class, $1,500 in child support, $5 on iTunes charges, $172 dollars to stay at a Marina Del Rey motel for a night along with various other expenses.

Source: Dallas Black

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