Floyd Mayweather Puts His Foot In His Mouth During Interview

Ray Rice has received a lot of attention for his domestic abuse incident, and deservedly so. The video of him striking his then-fiancee Janay is beyond disturbing. But there’s another athlete who deserves far more attention for his atrocities against women, an athlete who has had numerous run-ins with the law for domestic abuse. I’m of course speaking of boxing legend Floyd Mayweather.

In an interview with CNN’s Rachel Nichols, Mayweather said his domestic violence incidents were merely “allegations” and nothing more. Just read this ridiculous exchange.

Rachel Nichols: In the incident you went to jail for, the mother of your three children did some show bruising and a concussion when she went to the hospital. It was your own children who called the police, gave them a detailed description of the abuse. There’s been documentation.

Floyd Mayweather: Once again, no pictures. Just hearsay and allegations.

I mean this sincerely: I don’t think Floyd has an understanding of what the word ‘hearsay’ means.

Source: UpRoxx

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