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Florida State Student/Athlete Allegedly Accused Of Rape Is Allegedly Being Extorted By The Alleged Rape Victim

Jamesis Winston
Per a report by TMZ.com on Wednesday morning, the individual who accused Florida State redshirt sophomore quarterback Jameis Winston of rape attempted to extort 7 million dollars from the quarterback.

Here is the report from TMZ:
Jameis Winston’s lawyer has fired off a letter to Florida State University … claiming the woman who accused his client of rape demanded $7 MILLION to buy her silence.

David Cornwell, the lawyer for the Heisman Trophy winner, sent a letter to FSU, saying Winston will fully cooperate with the University’s ongoing investigation into the handling of the rape charges. The alleged victim claims the University engaged in sexual discrimination by sweeping her claims under the rug to protect its prized athlete.

According to the letter — obtained by TMZ — the alleged victim’s lawyer, Patricia Carroll, demanded $7 MIL to settle her client’s claims against FSU and Winston, telling Cornwell,

“If we settle, you will never hear from my client or me again — in the press or anywhere.”

Cornwell says he rejected her offer and 4 days later she went to the media.
Cornwell also says Carroll claimed her client’s sexual encounter had to be rape, because she would never sleep with a “black boy.”
Cornwell also added in the letter that his client, Winston, will fully cooperate in the Title IX investigation but “will not walk into a honey trap. The Investigation must be a legitimate investigation.”

Source: Florida State Sports, TMZ

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