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Florida Parents Threatens To Pulls Kids From After Teacher Was Caught Having Sex With Student


A teacher at a Florida Christian school admitted multiple sexual encounters with a student after police caught the two partially clothed in the back seat of his car, police say.

According to police, they found Eric Beasley, 24, in a car with the 14-year-old girl April 1, and that sun visors and a shirt were used to obscure the vehicle’s windows.

Officers said Beasley rushed to put his clothes on when they arrived, and that the victim was naked from the waist down.

Following his arrest, Beasley told investigators that he performed oral sex on the girl. He said he started a sexual relationship with her on Valentine’s Day, and that they had sex several times in the car and at his apartment.

Cops said Beasley, who is the victim’s 9th grade biology teacher, also admitted toinappropriate contact during school hours, including kissing and touching, Local 10 reports.

Parents were horrified when they learned of the scandal. Some vowed to pull their children out of the school.

Police searched the man’s phone and found a photo of a penis and video of a man masturbating, both of which were sent to the alleged victim. Inquisitr reports that both images were of Beasley, and that he sexted the girl.

Beasley was charged with nine counts of sexual battery by a custodian. He was released on a $92,000 bail on April 2. Administrators at Zion Lutheran Christian School said he will be not be returning to his job.

Source: Huffington Post


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