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Florida Drug Dealer Robbed And Killed By Friends So They Could Fund Their “Flash Cash” During A Performance

The entertainment industry as wicked as it is can be quite lucrative, however most people who have some idea of how it works know that it can take years to make some good money and not owe the label your shirt and pants.  Even the videos that are produced by artist show them flashing loads of cash and high end priced items like cars and cribs. Now aspiring rappers often do things to make themselves appear to be bigger than they really are, but in this case EarHustle411 has seen it all.  Three young aspiring rappers turned robbery and killing to bring their dream to life.  Joseph Brandon, Jonathan Felix, and Dylan Kindred better know as Waxx, Killa, and DK (rap group name unknown) all from Winter Haven, Florida decided to rob and subsequently kill a “Facebook friend” of theirs so they could “flash” the cash during a performance in Tampa Bay, Florida.

Drug dealer killers

One must be completely delusional to think they could get away with  killing someone to be phony hood rich and then post a video on Facebook flashing the cash stolen from the recently deceased.  Well these three will have plenty of time to think about where their rap career will be going while they sit in jail.

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