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Flight From Chicago Diverted After Man Attempts Mid-Air Exit

A passenger tried to leave his flight while in mid-air.


A Southwest Airlines flight from Chicago to Sacramento was  forced to make an unscheduled stop in Nebraska on Sunday after a passenger  reportedly tried to make an abrupt mid-air exit.

Video recorded by a producer from NBC station KCRA in  Sacramento shows authorities removing the man from flight 722 after the pilot  put the plane down at Eppley Airfield in Omaha.

Witnesses said they heard screaming coming from the back of  the plane. A flight attendant was yelling “Help me! Help me!” as the man  attempted to jump out of the plane through a rear door.

A doctor and other passengers reacted.

“I ran to the back of the plane. At that point in time I was  joined by about two other people,” Dr. Scott Porter said. “We basically tackled  the — I don’t want to say gentleman — but the guy who was back there and  pinned him down and restrained him.”

Another passenger, Monique Lawler, told KABC-TV in Los Angeles that she saw the man acting  strangely during the flight. At one point he came out of the bathroom soaking  wet, she said.

The flight with five crew members and 134 passengers arrived  safely in Sacramento about two hours behind schedule, the airline said in a  statement.  No injuries were reported.

A representative with the Omaha Airport Authority said the  FBI was looking into the incident. Jan Sharp, the chief of the General  Crimes Unit for the United States Attorney’s Office in Nebraska, said no  criminal complaint had been filed as of 10 a.m.



Source: http://www.nbcchicago.com




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