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Father Pleads To Be Released From Jail After Beating Up Man Who Was Texting His Young Daughter

jermiane clemons

Jermaine Clemons says he beat up a 24-year-old man because he was sending inappropriate text messages to his 16-year-old daughter.  He is pleading to be released from jail after being charged with assault.

Clemons became enraged after reading inappropriate texts his daughter was receiving from her youth pastor. He took over his daughter phone and lead the youth pastor to believe that his daughter would be home alone on Saturday.

The youth pastor arrived at the house to find Clemons and not his daughter in the house. The youth pastor tells Clemons that his is 17 years old and that’s when Clemons put on brass knuckles and began to beat up the man.

Clemons stands by his decision and had this to say

What dad wouldn’t have done it? I mean, what dad wouldn’t have done it? I’m here for my kids. If I can’t protect my kids, who can,

The young pastor is recovering from brain surgery due to the beating.

The messages that was sent to the 16 year old was not sexual but the sex crime detectives is going through the phone to see if any laws was broken.

Source: News9

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