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Father Pens Letter To Macy’s Chairman Because There Was NO WHERE For Him To Change His Son’s Diaper

EarHustle411 truly feels this man’s pain.  We don’t go frequenting the men’s room however we know several men who have express this very problem when they are out with their children, especially small babies.  The growing issue is that there are not any changing tables available in the men’s room to change diapers.  Now we can only wonder if this is a problem in most major stores, we don’t know for certain.  Well a father named Anthony Drew took his frustration with Macy’s all the way to the top because he could not find a men’s room anywhere in the entire store with a diaper changing table.  He has refused to shop there and took his anger to pen and paper and wrote a letter to the chairman of Macy’s.  KUDOS to him, this is one way to get your point across!!

You be the judge!! What would you do?

Read more as reported by The GED Section:


Anthony Drew took his 4-month old son, Jeremiah, shopping in a Macy’s in Maryland recently, when he received a familiar call: the cry of a diaper change. Most mothers in this situation would simple go to the restroom and use the changing table to change the diaper. But what’s a father to do?

Drew took his son to Macy’s men’s room, but it was not equipped with a changing table. He contacted management who searched the entire store, but could not find one.

Frustrated, Drew left, refusing to shop in a store that couldn’t supply a customer’s most basic need. But he didn’t stop there. “I wrote the letter to the chairman,” Drew explained. “I like to take it to the top.”

Within a week, Macy’s Chairman/CEO Terry Lundgren had the store’s men’s room renovated to include additional space and a changing station for fathers and their infants. They also gave Drew a gift card for his inconvenience.

Although Macy’s stepped up with regards to this particular location, it’s still a problem in public places nationwide. The question remains, is this one man’s single victory or will this become the beginning of a change in policy in department stores, restaurants and businesses nationwide?

Do you think all men’s rooms should be required to have changing tables for dads?

Source: The GED Section

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