Farrakhan Defends Kanye West: Don’t Bow to Jewish Pressure!


Kanye West is known for speaking his mind and not backing down.  Kanye has insulted former president George Bush, Current President Barrack Obama as well as his wife Michelle Obama; he has insulted Nike as well as countless others.  While some may look at this as insulting, many will say the young man is just speaking his mind.

The ADL is upset because Kanye said, ” Black people don’t have the same level of connection as Jewish people, Black people don’t have the same level of connection as Oil People.”  Kanye is now being referred to as Anti Semitic.  Does this make him anti Semitic for speaking the blatant truth? 

Lately people have been saying Kanye need to shut up, Kanye need to watch what he’s saying.  Why should this young man be silenced when the same media created this so called monster?  Is he a monster or is he a man that has found the truth and is exposing it?  Louis Farrakhan seems to think Kanye is brilliant. 


Check out the video below

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