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Family Denied Use Of Church For Funeral Amid “Questioning” Church Financials

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The Brown family lost 15-year old Ryan Brown on Monday, just a few days before he was supposed to start the tenth grade.

Family members say he was killed in a horrible accident when his twin brother tried to use a pan to shoo away a loose dog and accidentally hit Ryan in the head.

Ryan died from his injuries, and he was going to be laid to rest this weekend at his family’s church, but they found out Wednesday that won’t be possible.

“He was a wonderful guy, he had a really good spirit, quiet, loved basketball, loved football, just a wonderful child, wonderful student,” Brown’s aunt, Stephanie Keller, said.

Brown’s life was cut short Monday when a horrible accident changed everything.



“It was horrific accident, it was, it was,” Keller said, “It’s just devastating, we’re still not over that.”

Keller tells FOX13 the boys were in the yard with their dog when a loose dog started getting aggressive with them.

“What happened was his brother was trying to get the dogs apart, my other nephew was throwing a pan to hit the dog, the pit bull, my nephew stood up and caught the blunt of the pan, and resulted in it lodged into his skull,” Keller said.

As the family mourns the horrific loss, the bad news doesn’t end there, with a call coming on Wednesday from their pastor.

“He said he was advised by his attorney not to let us have the services here, because we’re questioning some things financially that are going on here at our church,” Keller said.

She said some family members are involved in a lawsuit, questioning their church’s finances, and as a result they’re being turned away in their time of need.

“My sister, it just threw her for a loop, it was like adding fuel to the fire,” Keller said, “She’s just extremely hurt, still, still, still distraught.”

“We are members of this church, my nephew was baptized here,” she added.

FOX13 called the pastor of Fredonia Missionary Baptist. He told us he couldn’t comment without consulting his attorney and told us to call back next week.

For now, the family has scrambled to come up with a plan B at the last-minute.

“It’s just hurt and we’re just going to have to move forward, we’re going to be prideful, and we’re going to continue to pray,” Keller said, “We want the community to pray for us, and just lift, we can’t dwell on that.”

As they try to pull their family back together.

“It’s just hurting,” Keller said, “Words cannot describe how we feel, so we’re just going to have to work through this.”

The family says several churches offered up their services to help them. The wake for 15-year old Ryan Brown will now be held Friday from 1:30 p.m. to 7 p.m. at the House of Faith Ministries off Highway 76 in Somerville, Tennessee. The funeral will be held Saturday starting at 1 p.m.

Source: Fox News


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