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Family Has Crucial Conversation & Stringent “Dress” Policy For Their Boys In Effort To Save Their Lives

The following post has really made the writing staff at EarHustle411 sit back and think about what this world has come to.  I am sure we all have heard the term “dress for the success you are seeking”.  While that term is true but in this case it seems to mean something different for people of color.

We came a cross a video where a family has taken some very different measures to protect their boys from encountering or suffering the fates and unfavorable judicial outcomes that were met by Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, Eric Garner and so many other African-American males that have lost their lives at the hands of others particularly those who have “sworn” to protect and serve.

Check out the video and tell us what your thoughts are:


EarHustle411 family has it truly come down to this where our African-American males have to dress a certain way just to get along in this place where we are supposed to be free to express ourselves, whether through speech, dress or what have you.  Is this extreme??  YOU BE THE JUDGE!!!

Source: Nightline (video)

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