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Family Caught In Rental Scam Get New Home

WOW!!! This rental scam thing must have truly slipped by me.  A family of 12 who were caught up in the rental scam in Atlanta, GA was blessed with a new home.

Read the story as reported by CBS NEWS:

atlanta family of 12 gets new home

An Atlanta family of 12 that lost thousands of dollars in a housing scam, got a fresh start Wednesday.

After nearly a year of living in a rundown house, Tocca Cullins and her 11 children now have a home.

It all came together because of Occupy Atlanta, local charitable organizations and Atlanta radio listeners.

“Oh my God! This is so wonderful I am about to start crying,” said Cullins.

Cullins said her old home was a dump. After months of no hot water or power, not to mention holes in the wall and floor, Cullins said she stopped paying rent.



“They were renting a house from individuals who did not own it and who had the nerve to take them to court and try to evict them,” said Derrick Boazman, a host at WAOK 1380 AM.

Cullins lost thousands in the scam, had no place to live and the state threatened to take her children.

“I was at the end of the road, that is what I thought,” said Cullins.

But after seeing CBS Atlanta’s story about the situation, WAOK and V-103, the CBS radio station affiliates went to their listeners and asked for help.

“We asked them to bring plates and dishes, so everything you see in this house came from listeners of V-103 and WAOK,” said Boazman.

“Thank you! I love you. Thank you for making a home for my kids and they are loving it. I am loving it. I think I am loving it more than they are,” said Cullins.

More than $15,000 has been raised, but Boazman said Cullins isn’t just getting a handout. She’s getting a hand up so she can improve her situation.

“The youngest we are looking to put in daycare which will free Cullins up to do job training,” said Boazman.

“Thank you for everything! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you,” said Cullins.

Source: CBS NEWS


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