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Families Outraged At McDonald’s Because New Minion Happy Meal Toy Seems To Be Cursing (Video)

cursing minion

Photo Credit: YouTube/ Paul B

McDonald’s is under fire for releasing talking Minions toys that appear to say ‘what the f***’.

The plastic figurine, given to children in Happy Meals, supposedly make three nonsense sounds: ‘para la bukay,’ ‘hahaha’ and ‘eh eh.’

But irate parents across the country have been sharing videos online of the toy. When shaken it makes a noise that sounds uncannily like the phrase ‘what the f***’ followed by ‘all be damned.’ 

The freebie was produced on July 3 to coincide with the release of the Minions movie, a prequel to the hit film Despicable Me, which premieres on Friday.

McDonald’s insists families have misheard the sounds. The toy, a Minion Caveman, speaks ‘Minionese’, a spokesman said, which is a combination of Japanese, French, Indian, English, Spanish and Italian.

The fact that it sounds like an English curse word is ‘a coincidence’.

In a statement, the fast food outlet said that ‘a very small number of customers’ have been in touch with the company about the toy.

‘Our goal at McDonald’s is to serve up food and fun for our valued customers, and we’re glad to have the Minions on board,’ the company said.

A spokeswoman for McDonald’s, Lisa McComb, says there are no plans to take the toys out of distribution. The promotion is set to run through the end of July.

Source: Daily Mail

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