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FAKE…”The King of Pop” Michael Jackson Booted From The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame…FAKE!!!

UPDATE: EarHustle411 apologizes but the following post is A FAKE!! We try our best at EarHustle411 to not post erroneous information. How crude is it for someone to create such a story about a global icon? We guess some people just have nothing else to do but disparage the reputation of others.

Michael Jackson

It was announced on Sunday afternoon that as of January 24th, the King of Pop Michael Jackson will be pushed off his Rock and Roll Hall of Fame throne.  Michael Jackson was initially welcomed into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame during the 2001 induction ceremony alongside of 7 other performers including Aerosmith, Queen, Paul Simon, and Steely Dan.

It was no surprise when Jackson was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as he is arguably the largest global pop culture icon the world has ever seen.  The surprise came this morning when Rock and Roll Hall of Fame spokesperson and Regional Operations Director Francis Spicer announced that Rock and Roll Hall of Fame executives have unanimously made the decision to remove Michael Jackson from his position within the museum.

According to Spicer, the decision to remove Jackson from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame was not an easy one. Spicer told the press that top executives held several high level meetings over the span of 5 months before agreeing upon the January 24th removal of Jackson.  Spokesperson Spicer made the following statement, “The decision to remove Jackson will not be a popular one, and was very hard for us to make, however at the end of the day we need to make business decisions in a way that promotes the long term growth and vitality of our business.”

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame declined to give the press a full and detailed explanation behind the removal of Michael Jackson from their popular Cleveland museum, however did give a brief explanation that several Michael Jackson fans say left too many questions unanswered. According to Spicer, “We have recently obtained four highly lucrative investors, these new investors will be essential to our growth, not only from a financial perspective, but also from an experience standpoint.” According to Spicer, one of the terms the new investors brought forth prior to joining the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame family, was to remove Michael Jackson from the museum.  Spicer explained, the new investors were uncomfortable with the allegations faced by Michael Jackson prior to his death and did not want to have an affiliation with a business that recognized Jackson as an icon.

Spicer concluded his announcement by saying, “We recognize the positive impact Michael Jackson’s music has had on many fans, however we need to move forward with this tough decision as it will allow us to continue to grow and provide the best possible experience for our visitors.”

It is unclear what the long term impact of removing Jackson from their museum will have on the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, however media commentator Allen Gifford told viewers of his 30 minute FOX affiliate program What’s Hot Now, that one of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame’s new investors has also been having closed door discussions with executives of the popular music streaming application Pandora. According to Gifford, it’s a well-known fact that this particular investor has interest in purchasing the popular music application. Gifford told his viewers that if Pandora decides to sell, its users should expect to have Michael Jackson’s music removed from the application as soon as the second fiscal quarter of 2015.

Source: National Report

Update: The story published by National Report is not true and has been deemed fake.

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