Fabolous’ 7-Year Old Son Gets His ‘Dab’ On In His Christmas Rolex Watch Gifts Totaling $34K


photo credit: Noam Galai/Getty Images

Rapper Fabulous and his 7-year-old son are apparently going to start the new year with matching Rolex watches.

Fabulous reportedly bought his son Johan two Rolex watches, one worth $12,500 and one worth $21,500, for Christmas, and he bought a matching pair for himself, spending in total around $53,000.

He had to get the women’s versions of the watches for little Johan, since his arms and wrists aren’t quite up to the task of all that hardware yet.

Fabulous also posted a picture of his son online with the caption “These kids wear crowns over here #TrueKingsRaiseNewKings.”

johan - rolex

photo credit: Fabolous Instagram

The rapper apparently got a good deal on the pricey gift, too, because Gabe Jacobs of Rafello and Co. gave him the watches for “way less than a regular walk-in because that’s what you do for family.”

Source: The Grio

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