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Exclusive Interview: Yung Legend Talks With Ear Hustle In Regards To His Upcoming Mixtape, Awards Performance and More

Photo Credit: Yung Legend

Photo Credit: Yung Legend

Earhustle411 got the opportunity to talk to one of the midwest’s up and coming talents known as Yung Legend. Based out in Milwaukee, the young opportunist and artist got to talk to us about his the mixtape he is dropping soon, the Twerk Awards he will be headlining as well as who and what shaped him into the artist he is today.

Thank you for talking to us here at Earhustle411.

We’ve been looking over your info, social media and overall all the activity you have been doing these past few years and more recently, more work than ever. You’ve dropped a bunch of tracks in the past month or so and you’re also going to be taking part of the Twerk Awards next month, is that correct?

Yung Legend: Yes it is.

Alright cool, after looking online just checking out your Soundcloud and your latest track is entitled, Thick Heaux, is that correct?

Yes, you got that right.

Sweet, so in regards to that track, how do you feel it turned out? Better than you had thought? Just alright or how do you feel overall the track turned out?

Actually, I think the track came out way better than I had expected it to. I had a record that was playing out here in the airwaves, in the clubs, and it was that record that pretty much got me to play at many places. I actually just got back from a trip down to South By Southwest and did a show there and a lot of Dj’s have been playing the record too.

Alright, awesome man. You were at South By Southwest which is probably the largest music gathering in probably the whole world so yeah that’s really awesome that you were able to go out there and play a show out there so hopefully you got a lot of exposure and your fanbase grows and use that to help you takeoff from there.

Are you going to be dropping a mixtape at the Twerk Awards next month?

Yup, I’ll be dropping my mixtape at the Twerk Awards which will be on May 5th.

Cool man, would you mind telling the fans what the event is all about, how do people get in, can people get access, what’s going to be going on at the event?

As of right now the mixtape is streaming on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play and worldwide online and then some tracks are going to be on Soundcloud. If you wanna get in, just email me at yunglegendbookings@gmail.com and I can send you the Paypal information to tickets.

And is the event for artists or can anyone get access to the event?

The event is in Milwaukee at The Eight Nightclub, doors open at 10:00, tickets are $10 right now so anybody is welcome to come there. I got a lot of people from the Chicago area coming up here, there’s gonna be a block of DJ’s, and myself. The South By Southwest show was given to us by Lyrical Eyez Management who once managed lil’ durk and tink…and it was Masi da team, (which I’m apart of) that did the show with me, so yeah I’m just tryin to kill it right now.

For sure man, Cool. Since you said you’re gonna be dropping a mixtape, are there any tracks on the album that you’re proud of on the mixtape or overall throughout your entire career so far, any tracks you feel proud of or have a personal connection to?

There’s a track called, Like You, with Jre Riley and Jae Ace, that’s definitely a track that pretty much tells you that there’s a lot of people out there that try and imitate you, the way you act, the way you swag…you just gotta be you.

Yung Legend

So let’s go back to the beginning before you were Yung Legend. What was it that told you that you wanted to pursue being a rapper? Usually most people it’ll be like, oh you know I went to this show that was so dope or my family was musically oriented so that helped me become an artist. So is there an artist, a moment or someone that led you in this direction?

Well that’s easy right there because I was inspired by my older brother. Coming from where I am from, I was born in Chicago too. I grew up on 72nd and Wolcott, and if you did something stupid, you know, music was my therapy. I didn’t need anything else, music was everything.

Cool, thanks for sharing that. Do you have any goals, anything you wanna achieve in the music industry or anything at all even if it’s outside of music, anything that’s gonna tell you, ok I’ve got a good career now in music and now it’s time to do this.

Yeah you know not only am I an artist but I am also a graphic designer. So, I wanna have a Fortune 500 graphic design business possibly within the next 5 years. The name of my company is called, I Create, and my slogan is, You imagine I Create. So that’s what I am trying to do because graphic design and music come hand in hand. Every artist need a graphic designer, every artist need promotional goods. I feel a graphic designer will never run out of business if the work speaks for itself.

Yeah definitely, every artist needs that to survive and get their name out there so that’s a real smart choice.

When people go into the music industry they sometimes like to think, man it would be cool if I got to work with this person or I want to get this person on board, so kind of a fun question: If you had one chance to work with an artist, living or dead, no matter how famous they are, if it’s someone local, someone huge, anyone, no limits, who would you pick and why?

Right now, I would probably say, Rae Sremmurd, because we do music like one in the same. He caters to women, there’s the turn-up music, the whole 9-yards, easy on the ears, nice selections, I would wanna do a track with them. I feel like once that opportunity occurs then I will be able to reach who I want to be.

Aside from the Twerk Awards, do you have any other shows coming up, any more singles, anything the fans can expect?

Yeah we are gonna pushing a new single pretty soon with another artist from Chicago, Illinois so that’s what we are looking to do next right now at the label.

Yung Legend

Do you have any upcoming music videos you’re gonna drop soon?

Yes I do, yes I do. I’m actually gonna be shooting the music video for Thick Heaux this summer. I have a couple of videos on YouTube, got another record online, all of that is gonna be taking place over the next few months.

Now that you got your career taking off, are there any words, anything you want to say to your fans or anyone that is checking this interview out?

Aww man, yeah I would definitely have to say, Stay consistent, stay positive, don’t ever let negativity bring you down because negativity brings more negativity you know for as long as you carry that with people around you. Keep positive people around you because positive people bring out a positive vibe and that keeps the vibe to motivate you and to keep striving for success. I feel like you gotta know the struggle in order to know what life’s about. You gotta go through the hard times to know the good times.

Much Thanks To Yung Legend, Management and Cee Cee for the opportunity.

You can follow Yung Legend through his Social Media accounts found below as well as a link for tickets for the upcoming Twerk Awards:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/yunglegend

Twitter: https://twitter.com/iamyunglegend

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/iamyunglegend/

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/IamYungLegend

Email for bookings including tickets to Twerk Awards: yunglegendbookings@gmail.com

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