Exclusive Interview [New Music]: Meet The Chainsmokers

EarHustle411 is always looking to showcase new music from all sources.  This group we are featuring (and don’t let the name throw you off), it is comprised of 2 young men named Alex and Drew who have been on their music path together for a while now and according to their bio they are the “hottest young American EDM Duo” .  Well we would like to introduce them  to our EarHustle411 Family and friends.

Meet The Chainsmokers:

the chainsmokers

EH411: Hi there, it’s nice to meet you and thank you for spending time with EarHustle411.

The Chainsmokers: Hello, you are very welcome and thank you for having us.

EH411: No problem…well let’s get right to it. The group’s name is very interesting, How did you come up with the group’s name “The Chainsmokers”?

CS: Alex used to be a smoker. We never really took the naming super serious when we started cause we didn’t imagine we would be here…. but that being said we do really love the name…


EH411: We do too, it’s a great conversation starter. We’ve listened to the track “Good Intentions” and the lyrics are also very interesting.  Was there a significant event that occurred or experience that led to these lyrics?

CS: No nothing in particular! These are experiences we face on a daily basis we all set out with the best intentions and are often faced with tough circumstances or stray. We know that sounds very biblical…haha; but we don’t intend for that. It can be as simple as running out for an errand and getting sucked into a long night of partying.  So this song is dedicated to all the screw ups, all the people out their who set out meaning well but somehow always end up messing it all up. Whether you’re doing something illegal to make ends meet or botching a trust fall… But it’s an idea that hits close to home for everyone at some point…

EH411: LOL…We can definitely understand what you mean.  How did you get started in music? Who are some of your influences and how do you feel about today’s music particularly those song that are not of a positive nature?

CS: We have been both involved in music our whole lives. Whether we were playing it or enjoying it… The thing about us is we both went through so many different phases of music so our tastes are very eclectic for that reasons. Haha…I mean to each their own, music is an expression some of it is positive and some negative but it all serves a purpose for someone and that’s awesome.


EH411: “Good Intentions” how did the titled come about?

CS: Well its about all of us who have good hearts and set out with good intentions but sometimes we lose sight of them.


EH411: Well the title says a lot because “good intentions” we all have and hopefully are doing  right by them.  The track had an inspirational undertone to it, is there some form of religious or spiritual message you are trying to convey in the song?

CS: Sort of touched on this already but no nothing in particular. People can interpret it anyway they see fit of course…. that’s the beauty of music…


EH411: Last question, does the Chainsmokers plan to do any touring? If so, where are some the locations you plan to visit?

CS: Yes we have been touring for the last 2 years basically non stop. We will be in Europe all of July and all over the US the remainder of the summer!


EH411: Alex and Drew we thank you for taking time out to speak with EarHustle411, we look forward to more music coming our way from you. Keep on doing what you do!!

CS: Thanks again for having us!!


EarHustle411 and the writing staff wishes The Chainsmokers all the best on their musical journey.  In the meantime take a listen to “Good Intentions”:


Check out The Chainsmokers on Social Media and song links

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