Exclusive Interview: EarHustle411 Talks With Chicago Female DJ Alicia

EarHustle411 was out and about doing our thing and we were graciously invited back out to the Hot Mix Dance Party 3 held at the Field Museum where we were able to finally get DJ Alicia on camera.   She rocked the room and the “Househeads” got their proverbial “jack” on and when we say the people got their sweat out, the ladies had a problem with their “updos” by the time DJ Alicia was done with her set.

EarHustle411’s Media Correspondent Jameisha Trice chatted it up with DJ Alicia…Check it out:

Knowing that DJ Alicia is one of the few female DJs in the Chicago area, she is most certainly not an unknown.  She has been a DJ for quite sometime as she was trained by a well-known Stepper’s DJ.  Her knowledge of musical beats combined with a good ear for selections makes DJ Alicia a force to be reckoned with. Her involvement with the Hot Mix Dance Party 3, she was the “lone” female on the decks and to let DJ Alicia tell it:

“It’s a good feeling to know that you are respected in a craft where there are very few women, but I was honored when Scott “Smokin” Sils asked me to play.  A request coming from a legend, I could not say no.”

Being a female in a male dominated industry such as the DJ world, sometimes the female DJs are not given the credit or accolades they deserve which makes the job that much more challenging.  DJ Alicia has been through, met and surpassed many challenges along the way and in the process has gained a mutual respect from her male counterparts.

Congratulations and major kudos to DJ Alicia, EarHustle411 wishes her continued success as she keeps lighting up the 1s and 2s and blazing the trail for other females to follow.


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