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Exclusive Interview: Chicago’s Own Kaye Fox Dishes On Her New EP ” Hear I Am”

Kaye Fox  a Singer, Songwriter, Producer and Actress is a quadruple threat who has Worked with industry greats such as  Kanye, Nas No ID  and Common.  She is an amazing vocalist and equally talented writer whose lyrics draw you in. 

She’s originally from Charleston South Carolina and raised in Chicago since the age of four. Kaye has taken the industry by storm with her soulful sound and energetic personality.  Check her out as she chats it up with EarHustle411 and shares her new powerful EP “Here I Am.


You have a Video “Used To Love You” which was produced by yourself, Emmaculate and Shebazz Curtis; what was the inspiration behind that song?

The inspiration behind “Used to Love You” was a situation I was going through with a guy that people were trying to tell me was bad for me but I wanted to give him as chance. And he basically proved them right!

How would you describe Kaye Fox to someone who isn’t  familiar with you and your music?

I would describe myself an artist with a fresh sound reminiscent of 90’s R&B and hip hop.

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Do you have any major projects that you’re currently working on?

I don’t have any that I’m currently working on but I see a few coming in the near future. I would sing a song I wrote called “Moving in Stills” it’s a song that speaks about a life being documented by the meaningful moments that we can never forget.

Does your music carry a particular message or is it meant for pure pleasure?

Some of my music carries a message some of it is for pure pleasure.

Can you talk about your training; greatest inspiration; or who kept you motivated?

I have never had consistent vocal lessons or was taught how to sing. I learned some things growing up in church, school and doing vocal exercises to strengthen my voice for tour. My greatest inspiration is my mom. She’s a very hard working and consistent person. She keeps me motivated.

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If there was one person, dead or alive that you would have loved to work with; who would it be and why?

 It would be Michael Jackson. He was so different and peculiar almost like he wasn’t from this planet. Who wouldn’t want to pick the brain of the artist that has the biggest selling album of all time?

Can you talk about other artists or people that have inspired you to embark on your own career?

Whitney Houston is definitely that person I use to watch this show that she did over and over again when I was a kid.  She made me feel like I wanted to be her. Poised, beautiful and vocally amazing!

We understand you have a new EP soon to be Released “Hear I Am” tell us about that song and who wrote and produced it.

The song “Hear I Am” is based around a sample from a girl group that was out in the 70’s-80’s the 3 Degrees. I’ve always loved the song so my producer and I collaborated and co-produced the beat. Then I wrote the song in like 15mins and recorded it. It was a pretty fluid flow. It’s about a girl that’s ready to be a woman and come out of her shell. I felt like that was the appropriate title song!

If you had to choose a different career path besides entertainment, what would that be?

Growing up I thought about being a pediatrician. I love children.

Can you talk about that one defining moment when you knew you wanted to be a singer?

 I was 13 when I knew I wanted to do this as my career. That was when I had my 1st studio session.

What is the biggest impact that you would want people to remember you for?

I would want people to remember me as someone who followed their passion and saw her dreams materialize in a very deliberate way. And if I can do it so can they!

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Are you involved in any type of community service work if so please explain?

I’m involved with an after school program. Where my production manager teaches artist development. I come in and speak to the kids, share my experiences in the business and answer any questions. I also listen to them and learn so much about how they feel and what they like and dislike. They are very talented

What unique ability or skill do you have that makes you different from other vocalists?

I’m unique because I really love what I do. There’s nothing that I’d rather be doing period. And I’m continuing to work on my voice and craft so we can expect it to get better and better! 

If you were given the power to change one thing in the world today; what would that be and why?

I would change humans tendency to think negatively before thinking positively. I believe thinking positively is the first step toward living out all your dreams and desires! It starts with our thinking.

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