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Exclusive Interview: Chicago Rapper Phil G Talks About His Music, Family And Releases New Video “FYM”

Music is an expression of one’s soul, inner thoughts and dreams. An artist that can take you on their personal journey through music is talented and has the art of storytelling. Music of the 2000’s is full of catchy hooks and less than stellar lyrics.  It is  breath of fresh air to hear an artist that is into the music and not just trying to be a celebrity.

We came across Chicago rapper Phil G whose music give you the feel of “Tribe Called Quest” and lyrical content of “Nas” with the infusion of today’s music.  In 2008, I had the pleasure of attending Phil G’s album release party for his LP “Refined Swagger” and has been a fan and supporter ever since.  He later released an EP “The Quiet”, mixtape “No Way” and recently released a new EP titled “Feel The Noise”.

Phil G has collaborated with some Hip Hop legends such as Pharoahe Monch, Sadat X, and El Da Sensei (Artifacts), Malik Yusef , J. Ivy, Really Doe, Que B.i.l.l.i.a.h  and GLC to name a few people.

Phil G gave Ear Hustle 411 and exclusive interview to talk about his new project ‘Feel the Noise”, the legacy he wants to leave and give us a first look at his new video “FYM” off his latest project. Check out the interview and the video below.

phil G

Can you share with our readers who you are, where you are from and how did you get started in music?

I am from the south side of Chicago and got started in music by performing in talent shows when I was in High School.

I purchased your album “Refined Swagger” back in 2008 and have been a fan ever since, how would say that you evolved musically and professionally since that album was released?

I feel that I have expanded my knowledge of sound engineering and also cultivated greater relationships with artists and industry tastemakers since 2008. I have recently inked a distribution deal with Top Notch Music/INgrooves/Universal Records.

You recently released your latest EP “Feel The Noise”, what was the inspirational behind your latest release?

The Feel The Noise EP was inspired by the desire to do a group project. MC and DJ duo.  The desire to do something that was pure hip hop.

Rap/ Hip hop music is different today than it was 10 years ago; how do you feel about the current state of rap/ hip hop?

I feel the current state of rap is cool. People are doing what is true to them. Independence has allowed artist to be free.

Feel The Noise

Why did you choose to collaborate with DJ Jay iLLa to form “PhillaNoise” and release “Feel The Noise” album?

I chose to collaborate with Jay iLLa because Jay iLLa is a dope DJ. Check out his web series “Don’t Sweat The Technic.” He has consistently been a fixture on the Chicago nightlife scene for a long time. He also exhibits a positive attitude of hope for a greater tomorrow. I can’t create with people that conjure up or harbor negative energy. I’ve always thought that the reason why Jay is so successful in his DJing is because he carries an aura of good energy and his skills are continually getting sharper. He works hard at what he wants to be known for. 

Epiphany can come from anywhere and at anytime; what was the moment when you realized that you had what it takes to be rapper?

I realized I had what it took to become a rapper when I wrote and recorded a few songs and then put together a show that always placed me 1st or 2nd in school talent shows or community talent shows. People genuinely liked me. When that kept happening and my hunger for creating kept growing I knew it was something I could do.

Music is all around us and it can influence us in many ways, who was your music influences and why?

My musical influences are vast. I am not as inspired as I once was and many things play into that. Certain guys in Chicago still inspire me. Guys like Rashid Hadee, Tye Hill and The Primeridian. These guys are very organic with their music and I love music that has a texture like that. 

If you had an opportunity to collaborate with any major artist right now, who would that be and why?

I would love to collaborate with Drake. He is a talented writer and I feel like me doing a song with him would challenge me to be on my A game with my bars and hooks. 

Phil G

Chicago is a very talented city and there has been a rash of emcees that is getting major attention. In your opinion, besides yourself, share with us your thoughts on who would be a male and female emcee that we should be on the lookout for and why?

I think the world needs to know Rashid Hadee. He is a dope writer and rapper. He also is a hell of a producer and engineer. He is worthy of attention and recognition and money!

When a person is blessed with a gift such as yours, some people will give back to the community. What are some of the things you have done to give back to those in need?

The way I give back to my community is being the cornerstone of my family. Being the father that I need to be for my sons and being the husband I need to be for my wife. A strong family is the cornerstone to the community.  I think society as a whole need more strong families. 

We are brought into this world to grow and leave our legacy for others. What is the biggest impact in your life that you want to be remembered for?

I want to be remembered for being the one to leave my family in a good place financially. So that they are able to live and focus on being good people to others. Money is needed. Without it you are poor and at the mercy of others. I dont want my sons to be in that position if I pass away. I also want to leave a legacy of moral conduct and dignity. I feel like a man should have a sense of self-worth that motivates him to do for himself so that he doesn’t look for help elsewhere. Its ok to accept help if it is offered based on the merit of you helping yourself, but not on the basis of begging. I work 9-5 and I do my music. I am one that values my money because I work hard for it. That is something that I want to be remembered for in my legacy. A hard worker.

Can you share with our reader where they can purchase “Feel The Noise” and connect with you via social media?

FEEL THE NOISE can be bought on iTunes, Amazon, or PhiLLaNOise.Bandcamp.com. Also available for streaming on Spotify and Beats Music. 

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Check Out Phil G New Video “FYM” Below:


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