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Chundria Stanback is not only a TV Talk Show Host; she is also a Mentor to teen girls, Multimedia CEO and a Philanthropist.  If you think Oprah Winfrey was amazing, this young lady is in fast pursuit of becoming a national Icon.  Not only is she an inspiration to young ladies but she also gives a platform to her community and young entrepreneurs; Chundria Stanback is definitely someone you should know.

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EH411- What was that moment like when you solidified the thought of being a talk show host?

Chundria: The moment came in January 2013,  I had reached a point where I had done entertainment TV host for more than 6 years and I was ready to take my career to the next level.  It was an easy decision and I was ready to experience having my own set for interviews.

EH411- How do you keep your talk show visible and involved with the community? 

Chundria: My talk show is directly reflected by my brand and image so I work to remain relevant and unforgotten.  I use social media for branding and it’s highly effective. My posts of pictures and text about the show are great for engaging the public. I also am able to bring the community’s talent to my program as well. For example, I have interviewed Chicago entrepreneurs, authors and artists on my talk show giving them a platform for exposure. 

EH411- Who are some of your inspirations? 

Chundria Oprah Winfrey and Tyler Perry are my biggest inspirations!  Oprah is a legendary talk show host who does so much more,  she helps the community and she also has a track record of producing quality programming and films outside of her talk show. Tyler Perry is the same way; although he is an accomplished entrepreneur, playwright and screenwriter, he too gives back to the community through his gifts.  I am a writer as well and look forward to opening Chundria Stanback Studios like Tyler and Oprah, as a haven for media production and original programs.

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EH411- Do you pick the topics of your show or do you have a team who is involved with the selection process? 

Chundria:  There is definitely a team effort; a true leader understands that responsibility allows people to learn and grow. I have a team of producers who join me in creating story lines and ideas for the show. We also brainstorm possible guests and they work to book them on the show.  The show topics range from Music, Beauty, Fashion and an occasional story on relationships here and there. It’s really fun to brainstorm and execute ideas!

EH411- What is your selection process like when picking your audience and what exactly do you look for? 

Chundria: I always want to have audience members who are fun, energetic and more importantly interested in Music, Beauty and Fashion.  The audience is a major component to a talk show and their energy is important.  Members of the audience can sign up on the www.ChundriaShow.com website under the “Audience” box.

EH411- What made you decide to host your own talk show “The Chundria Stanback Show”? 

Chundria.  As I said before I was interested in taking my career to the next level in Television.  I named my show after myself because it’s a program dedicated to the very things I’m into: Music, Fashion and Beauty! It’s also a show the showcases my high energy, and fun, outgoing personality. I am so humbled by the experience.

EH411- Who would be some of your ideal guests? 

Chundria:  Artists, Entrepreneurs, Authors, Actors, Movie Directors, Fashion Designers, People interested in make-overs, People with relationship concerns seeking help and more.

EH411- We know you interviewed Tia Mowry-Hardrict, Ciara, Robin Thicke, Dwyane Wade, Shaquille O’Neal, Raphael Saadiq and Sherri Shepherd, If you could have anyone, dead or alive on your set who would that one person be and why? 

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Chundria: You already know I’m going to say Oprah Winfrey and Tyler Perry! That is something I speak life into every day because I really want to see it happen one day. I want to interview Steve Harvey too. I was a guest on his show last month for a special dating segment! It was such an amazing experience and I learned so much from him from being on the show. I would also love to interview President Barrack Obama and the late singer Sam Cooke. He has been my favorite artist since I was a little girl. My mother still tells the story that I asked for his Greatest Hits album for my 9th birthday. 🙂  I love his music and his voice and he was an amazing talent. His life was cut short though…on the same day as my birthday: December 11th.

 EH411- Where do you see your talk show in the next 5 years? 

Chundria: In 5 years, I will be an internationally syndicated TV talk show host traveling around the world for media coverage of the world’s epic events. I want to experience culture, languages and world news.  It amazes me how Beauty, Fashion and Music are universal and how they change based on culture.  As a TV talk show abroad it will be an incredible learning experience. I’m alumni of Columbia College with a degree in Television Production/Directing. I would like to be teaching Media Production at the school in an effort to give back the way industry professionals did when I was there.

EH411- How do you keep your show exciting and original? 

Chundria; I have a natural zest for life which is conveyed in my natural presence; with that apparent I am easily inspired thus bringing about new ideas for projects, topics and stories. I am also a people person so i enjoy meeting new people and learning about what they do; because I share my platform, I create space for them to develop exposure.  There is a lot of great talent and people with amazing stories that should be heard.

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EH411- At any time during your process of organizing your show, do you get discouraged and if so, how do you handle that? 

Chundria: I’m human like everyone so I have my bouts of frustration for sure. There have even been times in the past when I felt discouraged; however, at this juncture in my life I have to be a fighter.  I have to be courageous and fearless. This is the life that fulfills my purpose and I understand that struggle is a part of it. There is no progress without struggle. I keep those types of affirmations and positive thoughts in my mind all the time.

EH411- When are you completely satisfied with your work? 

Chundria: NEVER! I am very hard on myself and I know that it’s important not to become complacent so I am always very critical. While I feel like my work is never done, I do celebrate small victories. It’s key in keeping the momentum going. In every race, there comes a time where you stop for water and celebrate milestones.

EH411- What is the magic formula for a successful talk show? 

Chundria. The formula is tenacity and being immune to rejection. The theories are that it takes a long time to become a successful talk show host, or perhaps a lot of connections. A successful talk show requires a solid team. That’s the magic. People that work together for one brand and are dedicated to seeing it flourish. 

EH411- What advice would you give to other young people that would like to start a talk show? 

Chundria. I always tell young people to be courageous especially in a career in media. The industry has sooo many people vying for opportunities that it can become tainted and overly competitive. Any young person interested in starting their own talk show needs to be an opportunist and avoid waiting around for opportunities to come; find something you love to do and just do it. Put the work in to research and learn and always be a student of your craft. The more you know the more grow, right?

EH411- If you lost your voice and was given the opportunity to do one last show; what would you talk about? 

Chundria:  I would talk about purpose and how important it is to find it and fulfill it. God gives us all talents and gifts and also uses us to empower others. Life has meaning and I would want the world to have that last reminder that it’s important to live this life as it was meant to be; happy, peaceful and successful.

EH411- Where can viewers find you if they want to watch your show?

 Chundria: Viewers can catch my show in Chicago on Cable Ch. 25 and various cities throughout the country beginning Tuesday, January 7, 2014 at 9p.m, stay posted on the broadcast schedule and updates at www.chundriashow.com

 For more information

www. twitter.com/chundriashow



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